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10 Best Podcasts for Rekindling Intimacy After a Long-Term Relationship

Feel like you’ve lost that spark? Discover effective strategies to reignite intimacy and passion in your long-term relationship. Revitalize your connection today!

Maintaining intimacy in a long-term relationship can be challenging, as familiarity and routine can sometimes lead to a loss of passion and connection. However, with the right tools and guidance, it’s possible to reignite the spark and deepen the intimacy between partners. Podcasts offer a wealth of resources for couples seeking to rekindle their connection and rediscover the joy of intimacy.

In this guide, we’ll explore the 10 best podcasts dedicated to helping couples revitalize their relationship and cultivate greater intimacy, along with practical tips for incorporating these lessons into your journey.

The 10 Best Podcasts for Rekindling Intimacy After a Long-Term Relationship

1. The Love, Sex & Relationships Podcast 🎙️

Sex, Love & Relationship Podcast with Joanna Intara, The Intimacy Alchemist

Ready to experience soul-satisfying sex, love and closeness?

These are the conversations that cover the ground that make this sweet intimacy truly possible and this time, to do it consciously

Listen in on these revolutionary soul chats, here to impart the exact alchemy of heart, connection and of course sex that make everything about how to have it simple, clear and oh so good.

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Tip: Schedule regular date nights with your partner to prioritize quality time together and reignite the romance in your relationship. Try new activities or experiences to keep things fresh and exciting.

2. Pillow Talk Podcast 🎙️

Meet Vanessa and Xander Marin, your new BFF couple friends! She’s a sex therapist with 20 years of experience and he’s a regular dude. Together they’re the shockingly open, slightly nerdy, and seriously funny couple you want to grab sushi with. They share the ups and downs in their relationship while giving you step-by-step techniques for improving yours. Subscribe for your weekly double date full of totally do-able sex tips, practical relationship advice, hilarious and honest stories of what really goes on behind closed bedroom doors, and so much more. It’s the sex education you WISH you’d had!

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Tip: Practice open and honest communication with your partner about your desires, fantasies, and boundaries. Creating a safe space for vulnerability and exploration can deepen emotional and physical intimacy.

3. Intimate Conversations🎙️

Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those ready to heal heartbreak, live unapologetically and attract a soul-shaking relationship. This Ivy League grad is the Author of 6 books, has interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and Alanis Morissette, and Hosts the edgy Podcast Intimate Conversations: Season 11- Soul Medicine, where listeners learn how to ‘Become the One’ to ‘Find the One’ which ‘Keeps the One.’

A Certified Master Coach with close to 5 million viewers on YouTube, Allana was asked by Leeza Gibbons to coach her during Dancing with the Stars. Interviewed over 800 times, she’s been chosen as an Icon of Influence and featured on Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS, ABC, FOX, TLC, iHeartRadio, the GoodMenProject and more.

For the past 20 yrs, Allana’s brave willingness to heal her own heart and come Home to herself makes her authentic, relatable and credible in her proven Coaching Programs and Intimacy Retreats. Her wisdom, exuberance and raw transparency inspire the deep soul work required to create a solid intimate relationship with one’s self first, which naturally attracts and enhances an ideal open-hearted partnership that lasts. She’s a small-town Canadian girl living in rural Wyoming who is honored to love the sh** out of Humanity.

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Tip: Prioritize emotional intimacy by engaging in daily check-ins with your partner, where you share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Practice active listening and empathy to foster a deeper connection.

4. Foreplay Radio – Couples and Sex Therapy 🎙️

Sex podcast to help committed couples keep it hot! Find hope to keep your marriage and committed relationships emotionally connected and sexually erotic. Certified sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson is joined by global leader in couples therapy – George Faller, LMFT for an expert, frank and fascinating conversation about sex, love, therapy, relationship dynamics, healthy couples and marriage. We discuss everything from best sexual techniques and solving sexual problems, to building the emotional intimacy necessary for great sex in your relationship! Two therapists bring you sound, concrete tools to reframe your relationship problems and learn how to fall in-love again, rebuild trust, and feel desire. Subscribe to us today!

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Tip: Experiment with new techniques and activities to spice up your sex life and reignite desire. Focus on pleasure and exploration, rather than performance or pressure.

5. The Couples Therapist Couch 🎙️

This podcast is about the practice of Couples Therapy. Many of the episodes are interviews with leaders in the field of Relationships. The show is meant to help Therapists and Coaches learn how to help people to deepen their connection, but in the process it explores what is most needed for each of us to love, heal, and grow. Each week Shane Birkel interviews an expert in the field of Couples Therapy to explore all about the world of relationships and how to be an amazing therapist.

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Tip: Schedule regular check-ins with your partner to discuss your relationship goals, desires, and areas for growth. Use this time to express appreciation for each other and reaffirm your commitment to intimacy.

6. Sex with Emily 🎙️

Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily at sexwithemily.com/ask-emily. For more sexy fun, visit sexwithemily.com and our online store shop.sexwithemily.com. Order her new book today: SMART SEX: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your Pleasure.

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Tip: Prioritize self-care and personal growth to enhance your confidence and well-being, both inside and outside the bedroom. Remember that self-love is an essential component of a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship.

7. The Relationship School Podcast 🎙️

A trail blazing relationship podcast promoting unconventional monogamy and marriage–where we teach you how to fight well, master communication, and take your marriage to the next level without compromising your business, family, or integrity

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Tip: Practice gratitude and appreciation for your partner by regularly expressing love and affection. Small gestures of kindness and affection can go a long way in fostering intimacy and connection.

8. Love Life with Matthew Hussey 🎙️

Relationships are for heroes.

Join bestselling author—and host of the #1 YouTube channel for women’s relationship advice—Matthew Hussey and his brother Stephen Hussey, as they offer tips and insights on how to make sense of the beautiful mess that is finding and maintaining love, while nurturing the relationship you have with yourself.

In weekly episodes, they share practical advice, hard-won wisdom, and the occasional musing on relationships and the increasingly confusing world of modern dating. No matter your relationship status, the Love Life podcast will meet you where you are.

About the Hosts: Matthew Hussey is the New York Times bestselling author of Get the Guy, and host of a YouTube channel that has received 400+ million views. Get the Guy co-writer and YouTuber Stephen Hussey holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University.

Subscribe to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/love-life-with-matthew-hussey/id1064051384

Tip: Focus on building emotional intimacy by sharing your hopes, fears, and dreams with your partner. Vulnerability is the key to deepening connection and fostering intimacy in your relationship.

9. Small Things Often 🎙️

Give your relationships a boost in 5 minutes or less with Small Things Often from The Gottman Institute. We provide simple, proven, quick tips to help you deepen and enhance your relationships!

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Tip: Practice the “Love Maps” exercise discussed in the podcast, where you take turns sharing your inner world with your partner. This can help strengthen your emotional bond and deepen your understanding of each other.

10. The Happy Couple Podcast 🎙️

We’re Jacob and Ashley Steinke a husband and wife who will discuss everything as far as relationships, family, and everything going on in the world. We’ll tell our story and much more. Will also try and get guests on the show when we can.

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Understanding Intimacy: What Does It Mean? 💖

Before diving into ways to rekindle intimacy, it’s essential to understand what intimacy encompasses. Intimacy isn’t just about physical closeness; it’s also about emotional connection, trust, vulnerability, and mutual understanding. True intimacy involves feeling seen, heard, and valued by your partner on a deep level.

Benefits of Rekindling Intimacy

  1. Renewed Connection: Rekindling intimacy strengthens the bond between you and your partner, fostering a deeper sense of connection.
  2. Increased Happiness: Intimacy contributes to overall happiness and fulfillment in the relationship, leading to greater satisfaction.
  3. Enhanced Communication: Reconnecting intimately often goes hand in hand with improved communication, as it encourages openness and honesty.
  4. Improved Physical Health: Studies have shown that intimate relationships can have positive effects on physical health, such as reducing stress and boosting immunity.
  5. Deeper Emotional Intimacy: Rekindling intimacy opens the door to deeper emotional connections, allowing you to share your hopes, fears, and dreams with your partner.
  6. Strengthened Trust: Intimacy requires vulnerability, which in turn builds trust between partners.
  7. Sparked Passion: Reigniting intimacy can reignite passion and desire in the relationship, leading to a more fulfilling sex life.
  8. Greater Resilience: A strong sense of intimacy can help couples navigate challenges and setbacks with resilience and support.
  9. Rediscovery of Each Other: Rekindling intimacy often involves rediscovering each other’s interests, desires, and aspirations, leading to newfound appreciation.
  10. Long-Term Relationship Satisfaction: Investing in intimacy can lead to long-term relationship satisfaction and longevity.

Case Studies

  1. The Busy Couple: Sarah and James had been together for over a decade, but their busy lives had taken a toll on their intimacy. By scheduling regular date nights and prioritizing quality time together, they were able to reignite the spark and deepen their connection.
  2. The Parenting Duo: Lisa and David found that their intimacy had dwindled after becoming parents. By carving out time for themselves as a couple and hiring a babysitter for regular date nights, they were able to prioritize their relationship and strengthen their bond.
  3. The Career-Oriented Pair: Emma and Michael were both focused on advancing their careers, leaving little time for intimacy. By setting boundaries around work and making an effort to disconnect during quality time together, they were able to rekindle their connection and find balance.
  4. The Empty Nesters: After their children left for college, Karen and Tom found themselves drifting apart. By embarking on new adventures together and rekindling shared hobbies, they were able to rediscover each other and deepen their bond.
  5. The Long-Distance Lovers: Emily and Ryan were in a long-distance relationship, which made intimacy challenging. By scheduling regular video calls, sending thoughtful messages, and planning visits whenever possible, they were able to maintain intimacy despite the distance.
  6. The High-Stress Couple: Amy and Chris were both dealing with high-stress jobs, which put a strain on their intimacy. By practicing mindfulness techniques together, such as meditation and yoga, they were able to reduce stress and reconnect on a deeper level.
  7. The Empty-Nest Reunion: After years of focusing on their children, Maria and John found themselves at a loss when they became empty nesters. By planning romantic getaways and rediscovering their shared interests, they were able to reignite the passion in their relationship.
  8. The Retired Couple: Rachel and Peter struggled with intimacy after retiring and adjusting to a new routine. By volunteering together, joining clubs, and exploring new hobbies, they were able to find fulfillment outside of their careers and strengthen their bond.
  9. The Second-Chance Lovers: After going through a rough patch in their relationship, Alex and Jessica decided to give their love another chance. By attending couples therapy, practicing open communication, and committing to rebuilding trust, they were able to rekindle their intimacy and create a stronger foundation for their relationship.
  10. The Silver Anniversary: Mark and Laura celebrated their 25th anniversary feeling a bit disconnected. By renewing their vows, planning a romantic getaway, and reflecting on their journey together, they were able to reignite the passion and love they felt in the early days of their relationship.

Key Takeaways

  1. Prioritize Quality Time: Make time for each other amidst busy schedules to nurture intimacy.
  2. Communicate Openly: Share your thoughts, feelings, and desires with your partner to deepen your connection.
  3. Physical Touch Matters: Physical affection, such as hugs and kisses, is essential for intimacy.
  4. Explore Shared Interests: Discover new hobbies or activities you both enjoy to bond over.
  5. Be Vulnerable: Allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner, sharing your fears and insecurities.
  6. Express Gratitude: Show appreciation for your partner regularly to strengthen your bond.
  7. Keep the Romance Alive: Plan romantic gestures and surprises to keep the spark alive in your relationship.
  8. Seek Professional Help if Needed: Don’t hesitate to seek couples therapy or counseling if you’re struggling to reconnect.
  9. Be Patient: Rekindling intimacy takes time and effort, so be patient with yourself and your partner.
  10. Never Stop Investing: Intimacy requires ongoing effort and commitment, so continue to prioritize your relationship.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is it normal for intimacy to decrease in a long-term relationship?
    Yes, it’s common for intimacy to fluctuate over time in long-term relationships due to various factors such as life changes, stress, and familiarity.
  2. Can rekindling intimacy improve our sex life?
    Yes, rekindling intimacy often leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life as it strengthens the emotional connection between partners.
  3. What if my partner isn’t interested in rekindling intimacy?
    Have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your desires and concerns. Express your willingness to work together to improve your relationship.
  4. Are there any activities specifically designed to promote intimacy?
    Activities such as couples’ massages, dancing classes, and cooking together can promote intimacy by fostering communication and physical closeness.
  5. How do I know if my partner is receptive to my efforts to rekindle intimacy?
    Pay attention to your partner’s responses and body language. If they seem engaged and appreciative of your efforts, it’s likely they’re receptive to rekindling intimacy.
  6. What if past conflicts or issues are hindering our ability to reconnect?
    Consider seeking couples therapy or counseling to address unresolved issues and learn healthy communication techniques to move forward.
  7. Can rekindling intimacy help us feel more emotionally connected?
    Yes, rekindling intimacy often leads to a deeper emotional connection as partners become more attuned to each other’s needs and feelings.
  8. Is it possible to rekindle intimacy after infidelity or betrayal?
    Rebuilding intimacy after infidelity or betrayal is challenging but possible with dedication, therapy, and a commitment to rebuilding trust and communication.
  9. How long does it take to rekindle intimacy?
    The timeline for rekindling intimacy varies for each couple depending on their unique circumstances and willingness to invest time and effort into their relationship.
  10. What if our attempts to rekindle intimacy aren’t successful?
    If your efforts to rekindle intimacy aren’t yielding results, consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor who specializes in relationships. They can provide guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.


Rekindling intimacy in a long-term relationship requires dedication, communication, and a willingness to explore new ways of connecting with your partner. By tuning into these 10 best podcasts dedicated to revitalizing intimacy, you can gain valuable insights and practical tips for deepening your connection and reigniting the passion in your relationship. Incorporate these lessons into your daily life, prioritize quality time with your partner, and watch as your relationship blossoms into a source of love, fulfillment, and joy.

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