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10 Best Nevada Technology Podcasts Making Waves in the Tech World

Explore how Nevada, known for its vibrant nightlife, is now making waves in the tech world with groundbreaking innovations.

Unveiling Nevada’s Technological Oasis: Navigating the Silver State’s Tech Landscape 🏜️

Nevada, known for its shimmering deserts, vibrant cities, and legendary entertainment, is not just a playground for tourists and gamblers. Beneath the glitz and glamour lies a thriving technology ecosystem that’s shaping the future of the Silver State. In this blog post, we’ll embark on an exploration of Nevada’s tech landscape, uncovering its unique opportunities, and notable developments, and offering valuable insights and tips for those looking to navigate this dynamic frontier. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive into Nevada’s technological oasis! 🚀

10 Best Nevada Technology Podcasts Making Waves in the Tech World

1. The Minerals Manhattan Podcast

The Manhattan Project helped the US defeat the Nazis. Project Apollo put a person on the moon and hastened the defeat of the Soviet Union. Western supply chains are more vulnerable to China every day. It raises the question: Does the US want to stay a Superpower? Welcome to the Minerals Manhattan Podcast.

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2. OTCQB Podcast

OTC Markets presents our podcast series on the OTCQB Market, where we interview the entrepreneurs behind the companies that trade on the venture market.

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3. Discovery to Recovery

A podcast produced by the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), brings you geoscience and technology stories from the world of ore deposits. Season 3 is sponsored by ALS Goldspot Discoveries.

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4. The City

USA TODAY’s critically acclaimed investigative podcast about power in American cities.

Season 1, Chicago: A black neighborhood fights back when a mysterious man with mob ties builds an illegal dump across the street from an elementary school. Along the way, they confront corrupt politicians, apathetic bureaucrats—and a secret undercover FBI investigation.

Season 2, Reno: A surprising proxy battle for the future of Reno pits a brash strip club kingpin against power brokers in city hall. The winner-takes-all fight could remake the city—and ruin lives in the process.

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5. The Excerpt

USA TODAY’s daily news podcast, The Excerpt (formerly 5 Things), brings you a curated mix of the most important headlines seven mornings a week. We also deliver special deep-dive episodes on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons on the most compelling topics in culture, entertainment, sports, politics, and more. Give us fifteen minutes a day, we’ll give you all of the headlines, none of the chaos. Hosted by Taylor Wilson and Dana Taylor.

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6. Disruptive CEO Nation

EXECUTIVE COACH + GLOBAL BUSINESS LEADER ADVISOR. SPEAKER. AUTHOR. GUIDING SMART PEOPLE TO GROW INFLUENCE & CREATE OPPORTUNITIES Over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with fantastic organizations, impressive individuals, and key industry leaders across six continents. Sitting in the corner office in both corporate and non-profit environments, I’ve attained, delivered, and coached success in both the C-Suite and international board rooms. My diverse experience has provided cross-cultural insights into the talents, skills, and measures required by individuals not only to get to the top but to THRIVE at the pinnacle of business… Now I am happy to share that knowledge and support you in your quest for influence, empowerment, and ultimately success.

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7. Electrify This!

Electrify This! explores the movement to electrify everything as a strategy to decarbonize and revitalize all sectors of our economy. Featuring diverse experts, the show examines the most important policy, regulatory, and market issues surrounding the electrification of transportation, buildings, and industry. Electrify This! helps demystify issues surrounding the transition to 100 percent clean electricity, and focuses on the challenges, scalable solutions, and what decision-makers can do to ensure the movement to electrify is equitable for all. Electrify This! is an original Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC® podcast hosted by Electrification Director Sara Baldwin (former host of Grid Geeks podcast). Our podcasts are accessible under the CC BY license. Users are free to copy, distribute, transform, and build upon the material as long as they credit Energy Innovation® for the original creation and indicate if changes were made.

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8. itSMF USA

Podcast by itSMF USA

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9. Research Labs Podcast by SundayPyjamas

With the Research Labs Show, we want to build a show that can help people develop a framework for themselves to evolve, learn, and impact change in their communities.

Stories of Entrepreneurs, Designers, Developers, Researchers, and Leaders sharing their perspectives to help us create a new vision for ourselves and our communities. Just this time, a more informed one.

Learn more: sundaypyjamas.com/podcast

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10. Intrinsic Drive®

This show was born of a desire to explore and share individual and collective experiences of pursuit, dedication, and growth – transforming discipline into habit, enjoying the process, and actualizing dreams. DO YOU REMEMBER……your lowest moment? What urged you forward? How did you pick yourself up, dust yourself off—and return to your path? Did you long for a roadmap, guide, or mentor? How did you pivot and continue your journey? In this show, we discover the deeper drives and strategies our guests employed to rise in their chosen endeavors. We learn the key decisions and defining moments forging their lives on the anvil. We learn how they commit to the process through a life of embracing their craft. Many have achieved excellence, even mastery. They impart gems of wisdom. During these episodes, we may be able to take away valuable concepts, adopt new mindsets, and implement empowering ways of being. During this podcast, we ask our guests essential questions – we discover their genesis, rise, and fall. We learn how they pivoted back on course, resuming their journey – confiding what they would redo or do differently. We learn crucial decisions forging them on the anvil. During these interviews, stories, and conversations we reveal their Intrinsic Drive™. Written by human beings for human beings NO GENERATIVE AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) TRAINING USE ALLOWED

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Nevada Tech 101: The Silver State’s Tech Scene 📚

Before we delve into the intricacies of Nevada’s tech scene, let’s start with a brief overview of the state’s technology landscape. From the bustling streets of Las Vegas to the high-tech corridors of Reno and beyond, Nevada boasts a diverse array of companies, startups, and organizations driving innovation across various sectors. With a strong foundation in industries like hospitality, gaming, and renewable energy, Nevada’s tech ecosystem is as diverse as the communities it serves, offering opportunities for growth, collaboration, and discovery.

Key Players in the Silver State 🌟

Nevada’s tech ecosystem is powered by a dynamic mix of companies, institutions, and organizations at the forefront of innovation. Here are some key players shaping the landscape:

  1. Tesla: With its Gigafactory located outside of Reno, Tesla is a global leader in electric vehicles, renewable energy, and energy storage solutions. Tesla’s presence in Nevada has catalyzed the state’s transition towards clean energy and sustainable transportation.
  2. Switch: Headquartered in Las Vegas, Switch is a leading provider of data center infrastructure and colocation services, supporting the digital infrastructure needs of businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions.
  3. Zappos: Based in downtown Las Vegas, Zappos is an online retailer known for its customer-centric approach, innovative company culture, and commitment to corporate social responsibility. Zappos’ operations in Nevada contribute to the state’s reputation as a hub for e-commerce and digital innovation.
  4. University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV): With its top-tier research programs and partnerships with industry leaders, UNLV serves as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, driving economic development and technological advancement across the state.
  5. Reno Technology Park: The Reno Technology Park is a collaborative workspace and innovation hub located in downtown Reno, providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.

Notable Technological Developments in the Silver State 🚀

Nevada’s tech scene is characterized by a spirit of innovation and a commitment to addressing pressing challenges. Here are some notable developments shaping the landscape:

  1. Renewable Energy Innovation: Given its abundant sunshine and vast open spaces, Nevada is at the forefront of renewable energy innovation. Solar power projects, wind farms, and energy storage facilities are transforming the state’s energy landscape and driving economic growth.
  2. Gaming Technology: As the entertainment capital of the world, Nevada has a rich history in gaming and entertainment technology. From virtual reality experiences to immersive gaming environments, companies in Nevada are pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation.
  3. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Nevada is emerging as a hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, with companies and startups exploring applications in finance, supply chain management, and beyond. Initiatives like the Blockchains LLC development in Storey County are driving investment and growth in the blockchain sector.
  4. Smart City Initiatives: Cities like Las Vegas are embracing smart city initiatives, leveraging technology to enhance infrastructure, improve public services, and promote sustainability. From smart transportation systems to IoT-enabled infrastructure, Nevada’s cities are embracing innovation to create more connected, efficient, and livable communities.

Tips for Navigating Nevada’s Tech Landscape 🗺️

For those looking to tap into Nevada’s vibrant tech ecosystem, here are some valuable tips to guide your journey:

  1. Engage with the Community: Connect with the local tech community by attending meetups, networking events, and conferences. Platforms like Techstars Startup Weekend Las Vegas and the Reno Tahoe Tech Meetup offer opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.
  2. Leverage Resources: Take advantage of resources and support available through universities, incubators, and accelerators. Programs like the UNLV Lee Business School Center for Entrepreneurship and the Innevation Center in Las Vegas provide mentorship, funding, and guidance for startups and entrepreneurs.
  3. Stay Informed: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and startup opportunities through local tech publications, blogs, and newsletters. Platforms like VegasTech and the Reno Gazette-Journal’s Business section offer valuable insights and information.
  4. Explore Funding Options: Explore funding options available through state programs, grants, and venture capital firms. Organizations like the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the VegasTech Fund provide funding and support for tech startups and innovative projects.
  5. Build Partnerships: Foster collaborations and partnerships with other businesses, organizations, and institutions. Collaborative efforts can lead to shared resources, knowledge exchange, and opportunities for growth and expansion.

Benefits of Nevada Technology

  1. Diverse Industries: Nevada’s tech sector spans diverse industries beyond gaming and entertainment, including aerospace, renewable energy, biotechnology, and cybersecurity.
  2. Tax Advantages: Nevada offers favorable tax policies, including no state income tax and business-friendly regulations, making it an attractive destination for tech startups and corporations.
  3. Access to Talent: With top-tier universities and a skilled workforce, Nevada provides access to talent in fields such as software development, engineering, data science, and digital marketing.
  4. Strategic Location: Situated in the southwestern United States, Nevada’s strategic location offers access to key markets in California and beyond, facilitating business expansion and collaboration.
  5. Innovation Ecosystem: Nevada boasts a vibrant innovation ecosystem, with incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, and industry partnerships supporting tech entrepreneurs and startups.
  6. Tech-Friendly Policies: Nevada has implemented tech-friendly policies, such as blockchain legislation and autonomous vehicle regulations, to encourage innovation and attract tech investment.
  7. Infrastructure Investment: Nevada continues to invest in critical infrastructure, including broadband internet, transportation networks, and research facilities, to support tech growth and connectivity.
  8. Quality of Life: Beyond the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada offers a high quality of life with outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural amenities, and a low cost of living.
  9. Global Connectivity: Nevada’s international airports, trade partnerships, and technology conferences provide global connectivity, facilitating collaboration and market access for tech companies.
  10. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Nevada’s entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking culture foster innovation and experimentation, driving the growth of the state’s tech ecosystem.

Case Studies

  1. Tesla Gigafactory: Located near Reno, the Tesla Gigafactory produces electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy products, contributing to Nevada’s clean energy innovation efforts.
  2. Switch: Based in Las Vegas, Switch operates one of the world’s largest data center campuses, providing colocation, cloud, and connectivity services to tech companies and enterprises.
  3. Blockchains, LLC: In the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, Blockchains, LLC is developing a blockchain-powered smart city called Innovation Park, aiming to revolutionize governance, finance, and sustainability.
  4. RENOVATE America: Headquartered in Las Vegas, RENOvate America provides software solutions for the home improvement industry, streamlining project management and customer engagement.
  5. Bigelow Aerospace: Based in North Las Vegas, Bigelow Aerospace develops inflatable space habitats and spacecraft systems, advancing commercial space exploration and tourism.
  6. OneNevada Fiber: OneNevada Fiber is a public-private partnership that’s expanding broadband internet access in rural areas of the state, bridging the digital divide and empowering underserved communities.
  7. NevadaNano: Located in Reno, NevadaNano develops chemical sensors and gas detection solutions for industrial safety, environmental monitoring, and homeland security applications.
  8. Braintrust: Based in Las Vegas, Braintrust is a decentralized talent network that connects companies with elite tech freelancers, providing access to top talent on-demand.
  9. SensiBility: Headquartered in Reno, SensiBility develops wearable technology for monitoring and improving athletes’ performance, health, and safety in real-time.
  10. Mojave Aerospace Ventures: Mojave Aerospace Ventures, based in Las Vegas, is a partnership between Paul Allen and Burt Rutan that developed SpaceShipOne, the first privately-funded spacecraft to reach space.

Key Takeaways

  1. Diverse Opportunities: Nevada’s tech sector offers diverse opportunities across industries, from aerospace and renewable energy to blockchain and artificial intelligence.
  2. Collaboration is Key: Collaboration between government, industry, academia, and the community is essential for driving innovation and growth in Nevada’s tech ecosystem.
  3. Investment in Talent: Investing in education, workforce development, and talent retention is critical for building a skilled workforce and sustaining Nevada’s tech growth.
  4. Innovation Drives Success: Innovation is the engine of Nevada’s tech success, with companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving economic growth.
  5. Global Impact: Despite its size, Nevada’s tech companies have a global impact, developing solutions and technologies that address pressing challenges on a worldwide scale.
  6. Tech-Friendly Policies: Nevada’s tech-friendly policies and regulatory environment create a conducive ecosystem for innovation, attracting investment and talent to the state.
  7. Resilience and Adaptability: Nevada’s tech sector demonstrates resilience and adaptability, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth and innovation.
  8. Community Engagement: Community engagement and support are crucial for fostering a thriving tech ecosystem, enabling partnerships, mentorship, and shared success.
  9. Strategic Partnerships: Building strategic partnerships with other states, countries, and international organizations enhances Nevada’s competitiveness and global connectivity.
  10. Future Growth: With continued investment, collaboration, and innovation, Nevada’s tech sector has the potential to continue thriving and shaping the future of technology on a regional and global scale.


  • Q: Is Nevada’s tech scene limited to Las Vegas?
  • A: No, while Las Vegas is a significant tech hub, Nevada’s tech scene extends beyond the city, with emerging hubs in Reno, Sparks, and other regions of the state.
  • Q: How can I access funding for my tech startup in Nevada?
  • A: There are various avenues for funding, including venture capital firms, angel investors, grants, and support programs offered by organizations like the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development.
  • Q: What advantages does Nevada offer over other tech hubs?
  • A: Nevada offers a unique combination of tax advantages, access to talent, strategic location, and tech-friendly policies, making it an attractive destination for tech companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Q: Are there opportunities for tech talent in Nevada?
  • A: Absolutely, Nevada’s tech sector is growing, offering opportunities for engineers, developers, data scientists, and other tech professionals to contribute to innovation and economic growth.
  • Q: How can I get involved in Nevada’s tech community?
  • A: You can join tech meetups, attend events hosted by organizations like Startup Nevada and the VegasTech Fund, participate in hackathons, and engage with local universities and industry associations.
  • Q: Are there incentives for tech companies to establish a presence in Nevada?
  • A: Yes, Nevada offers incentives such as tax abatements, grants, and support programs to encourage tech companies to invest in the state, create jobs, and contribute to economic development.
  • Q: What role do universities play in Nevada’s tech ecosystem?
  • A: Universities in Nevada play a vital role in tech research, talent development, and industry collaboration, offering specialized programs, research facilities, and partnerships with tech companies to drive innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Q: Is Nevada open to tech entrepreneurs from outside the state or country?
  • A: Absolutely, Nevada welcomes tech entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, offering a supportive ecosystem, resources, and opportunities to contribute to the state’s tech landscape.
  • Q: How does Nevada balance its gaming and entertainment industry with technological innovation?
  • A: Nevada leverages its gaming and entertainment industry as a platform for technological innovation, with companies developing cutting-edge solutions for gaming, hospitality, and customer experience enhancement.
  • Q: What initiatives are in place to support diversity and inclusion in Nevada’s tech community?
  • A: Nevada actively promotes diversity and inclusion in its tech community through initiatives, mentorship programs, and networking events aimed at fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals from all backgrounds.

Conclusion: Navigating Nevada’s Technological Oasis 🌟

As we conclude our journey through Nevada’s tech landscape, one thing becomes clear: the Silver State is not just a land of glitz and glamour but also a land of boundless opportunity and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or a curious newcomer, exploring Nevada’s tech ecosystem promises a journey filled with discovery, collaboration, and endless possibilities. So, embrace the spirit of innovation, connect with the community, and embark on your own exploration of Nevada’s vibrant and dynamic technological oasis! 🌟

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